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Shaping the future

Our future must be sustainable, otherwise it will not happen.

This process must be implemented within a decade, otherwise it is of no use to us, our children and grandchildren. But how can this be done?
After decades of experience with strategy and change processes, we have been able to crystallise 7 basic requirements:

1. Trust:
Gain trust: in yourself, your purpose, your staff, your clients, your advisors.

2. Function: Define the sustainable function of your company for a sustainable market. (There is no point in continuing to build cars – no matter how powered – that serve no function in a sustainable world for the individual transport of people).

3. Finance: Reserve at least 50% of your company’s value for transformation in the coming decade. Deadline today!

4. Systemic: Get clear on how your various market environment and business issues are systemically interconnected and governed.

5. Participation: Make those affected (at least employees, customers, owners and banks) at least 20% enthusiastic participants so that your project succeeds 100%!

6. Implementation: Happen in parallel with the development of the strategy for change. At the same time as exploring your future, try out how something could go; lab groups, strategists, workers, representatives and financiers…. all helping to secure your future with redesign for a sustainable world.

7. Start now: Start implementing immediately. There is no more time for plans.

If you do not see any possibility for this in your company, you should stop operating and skim off the residual economic benefits while
you still can.

Strategy Development

Sustainable business transformation through a customised, individual mix of methods

Cybernetic Power Portfolio

Establish consensus on corporate issues, connecting and evaluate the topics together

Connecting Cultures

Culture work is pulling the strings from the background and leads to the reconciliation of corporate cultures in mergers.

Business succession

Solid handover of family businesses in a difficult market environment to the next generation with the methods of Systemic Family Therapy
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