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Inspiring employees


Meaning, honesty, openness to results and effectiveness are the parameters for successful change.

The classic assumption that change is successful when 50% of the people concerned are involved is simply wrong. Our measurements from the last 3 decades provide different values: Change is self-propelling when you turn those affected into participants.

By doing so, you create a crystallisation point with 20% of those involved, from which their enthusiasm for a planned idea for the future spreads to 100% of the employees and managers.
In the following, we describe the steps and methods that promote such a process:

In the section below, we describe the steps and methods that promote such a process:

The 12 Pillars of Participation

The individual factors for a well functioning participation process

The 8 Types of Participation

How exactly participation is performed and what emerges from it.

Group Intelligence

For the development of group intelligence, real-time feedback loops are used for knowledge aggregation

Cost for Emotion C4E

Calculate and improve the business and personal value of emotions

Motivation Oriented Sales MOS

Engaging customers with methods from motivation research by Prof. Kuhl
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