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A strong ASSOCIATED TEAM for a holistic spectrum of innovative consulting services

Pelzer AP sees itself as a platform for combining a wide range of professional consulting competencies. The independence of the partners ensures professional quality and long-term continuity in product development and research.

The different market approaches of the partners involved makes it possible to provide the benefits of our services from different perspectives. Pelzer AP has the competence to harmoniously combine the different focal points of the partners involved for a holistic consulting service.

We see many years of professional experience and management responsibility as prerequisites for our commitment as consultants. Each of the partners has experience in managing multi-year change processes. Our different areas of expertise complement each other optimally for differentiated project requirements.

Our Pelzer Associated Partners work for your business success:

Nadja Obenaus

Associated Partner

Systemic Coach &
IT-Consultant for Organisations and Teams
Agile Coach / Scrum Master

Stefan Wöhl

Associated Partner

Psychologist, Executive ILC Coach, Senior Consultant, Power Team Development

Beate Ritzler

Associated Partner

Executive Coach, Senior Organisational Consultant, Integral Change Supervision, Large Groups

Antje Müller

Associated Partner

Entrepreneur Marketing and Opinion Research, Law, Investment Expert

Lisa H. Pelzer

Junior Partner

Master's degree in International Business, Research, Innovation and Technology Management

Antares Reisky

Associated Partnerin

Lecturer, executive coach, digital transformation, innovation processes, change management

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