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Cybernetic Power Portfolio


Mit Hilfe des im moderierten Strategieprozess erarbeiteten Themenspeichers und der daraus abgeleiteten Themenlandschaft können Entscheidungen über Investitionen und Maßnahmen gezielt getroffen werden:

Wie stark beeinflussen sich die Themen untereinander und welche Themen haben den stärksten steuernden Einfluss auf die anderen?

Die Klärung der Steuerungsintensität im offenen Dialog schafft Klarheit über die Themen und stellt einen Konsens über die Priorität der Bearbeitung her.

Targeted management of strategy processes optimised by systemic experience

We analyse strategic issues in a team on the basis of an algorithm invented by Frederik Fester.

In a Cybernetic Power Portfolio, the following four potential areas can be distinguished:


are topics that have a controlling influence on other topics. Their quotient is greater than one, i.e. the influence they have on other core topics is higher than the influence of other core topics. For many organizations typical power topics are, for example, the corporate vision, strategy, corporate identity and customers.


are passive topics. Their quotient is less than one and thus the influence of other topics is greater than their influence on other topics. Stabilizers in organizations include, for example, the organizational processes and organizational culture.


are neutral in their potential. Their quotient is close to or equal to one, so there is no clear influence on other topics or a clear influence of other topics. Indicators are not editable directly; they depend on the actions of other topics. Typical indicators include, for example, corporate culture.


are topics which are difficult to categorize and represent both potential and risks. In a change process, these are highly critical topics whose impact on change is difficult to predict. Innovators become critical when their quotient is no longer close to one, i.e. either they influence other topics or the influence by other topics outweighs. The product value limit is a value based on empirical research.


A facilitated strategy process that uses topic memory to build the topic landscape from which decisions about investments and measures can be made.

How strongly do the topics influence each other and which topics have the strongest controlling influence on the others?

The clarification of the power intensity in the open dialogue creates clarity about the topics and establishes a consensus about the priorities.

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