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Cost for Emotion – C4E

The Cost4Emotion analysis: The mood barometer for your company

Analyse the mood in the workplace and support the productivity of your employees through targeted measures.

Record the emotional balance sheet of your company

You know your financial balance sheets, which are used to assess your success; however, financial shows the productivity of a company only to a limited extent.
The environmental balance sheet and sustainability are further perspectives on success-determining corporate activities.

Employee satisfaction and the attractiveness of the employer for newcomers are important emotional factors that make up the emotional balance sheet that determines the company value from the perspective of the people in the company.

Results from motivation research and many years of consulting experience form the scientific basis for the Cost for Emotion C4E analysis tool, which we use to examine correlations between emotion, appreciation and performance.

A good mood influences a person’s performance. It may multiply his personal ability. – Gustav Großmann (1893 – 1973)

Capture with C4E
  • Appreciation
  • Time efficiency of work
  • Quality of work
  • Identification
  • Team intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Economic success
  • Employee participation
  • Relationship with customers

in more than 50 individually considered fields


Identify with C4E
  • Company potentials
  • Existing workloads
  • Potential for employee utilisation
  • Unused skills

as a basis for efficient application of change measures.


Example application questions for C4E:
  • How much productivity does a 3% referral factor cost us?
  • How much productivity does providing free meals to employees generate for us?
  • How much profit can we generate by setting up free childcare?
  • How does the company value increase with a top ranking among new hires?
  • How does tense mood in car production affect the scrap rate?
  • How does depressed mood in the call centre affect case costs?
The C4E analysis results form the basis for targeted measures

Every participant in the analysis receives a written report with graphically evaluated individual parameters for each question.

From this it is possible to quickly and clearly
individual measures for improving the improvement of the emotional balance.

The individual results can be used to can be compiled from the individual results, from  which concrete strategic answers can be derived.

Example of a C4E analysis with company reports:

Graphs calculated on the data basis clearly show the deficits and strengths in the different departments in relationship to the reference group.
An explanatory report explains and shows ways for sustainable improvements.
The individual data can be combined into a productivity index, which in turn is broken down into the individual question areas and makes it clear where the use of planned measures makes the most sense.

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