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ILC Coaching

The ILC Potential Analysis

The basis for sustainable change as a leader
Technical skills are the prerequisite – soft skills are the key factors for successful leadership. The ILC potential analysis is based on the EOS (development-oriented self-management method), a measuring method with which we can make exact statements about which resources and potentials in the area of soft skills (emotional, personal, social competence areas) are available to your action.

The human skills of self-control, self-motivation and motivation from others, information processing, dealing with moods and feelings are the decisive personality skills for success in professional and private life.

These abilities and potentials are measured with the ILC Potential Analysis; an individual and exact profile of all relevant characteristics of a leader is created.
More than 240 of the most important personality facets are evaluated, from which the professionally relevant, success-critical key qualifications and emotional intelligence can be derived.

Based on the ILC potential analysis, we jointly determine coaching goals and effective implementation steps that significantly and sustainably increase your performance, resilience and flexibility.



The three development fields of the ILC that build on each other:

Self Navigation

The ability to lead oneself:

Preparatory coaching on the basis of the ILC potential analysis in order to define individual priorities and gain initial insights.

  • Reflection on expectations of leaders, management and leadership as role models
  • Reflection of one‘s own strengths and talents
  • Effects and potentials based on the ILC Potential Analysis
  • Self-management
  • Develop your own management vision
  • Work-life balance
  • Lifelong learning and continuous development
  • Handling feedback
Team Leadership
Leading as a Service:
Leadership concept that effectively combines performance and participation with agile principles. Using the attitude “Leadership as service” we develop your leadership skills.
  • Agile management
  • Servant leadership
  • Promoting and developing employees
  • Dealing with power &
  • micro politics
  • Leading of multiple hierarchy levels
  • Systemic access to the leadership situation
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Leading without power
  • Team stages
  • Self-guided groups
Business Management

The ability to run a business unit:

Case supervision and application of new findings. Development of corporate strategies and successful methods of sustainable implementation.
  • Benchmarking: the strategies and success factors of the competition
  • Initiating and shaping change processes in the company
  • Grass-root change: successful methods of change navigation
    and empowerment
  • Innovation management
  • Reflection and design of
    corporate culture
  • Cost For Emotion C4E
  • Silicon Valley strategy
  • Human organizational principles
  • Sustainability / eco-friendline


You will receive an extensive written report (approximately 60 pages) with more than 80 graphically illustrated individual parameters.
We discuss the result with you during the selected coaching program
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