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Motivation Oriented Sales

Identify and address customer motivation
in the buying process

Our psychologically-neurologically based sales training is oriented towards the control possibilities of customer motivation in sales.

  • High-priced goods are sold in cut-throat competition
  • From the customer’s point of view, price seems to be the rational basis for decision-making.
  • However, new findings in neurobiology prove that people usually decide unconsciously beforehand and only then look for logical arguments to justify the decision.
  • The salesperson’s task is therefore to reach the customer at the unconscious level, where the decision is made.
  • To do this, it is essential to recognise and address the customer’s unconscious emotional needs.  
  • Arguments about product benefits are then adapted and presented to these emotional needs.
  • Through the MOS approach, customer advisors even find a new successful approach to customers who were previously perceived as “difficult”.
Each brain function stands for special abilities

The respective colours stand for the brain functions feeling, thinking and planning, controlling, testing.

Convergence: A successful salesperson closes by specifically activating specific emotional-cognitive systems of the customer in each phase of the sales process. Both partners move synchronously through the process.
Motivation Oriented Sales Model
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