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Lumina Coaching

Lumina personality development


The 4 Lumina Principles
  • Knowing oneself and understand others
  • Building stable relationships
  • Learning to value diversity
  • Working together and efficiently


The Lumina program enables insight and dialogue within the team for deeper understanding, effective collaboration and better results.

Lumina supports teams and people regarding:

  • Way of cooperation
  • Flexible communication style
  • Achieving goals
  • Personal contribution and strengths
  • Mutual support
  • Specific development
  • Leadership qualities
The Lumina Spark® Method

Based on a personal online questionnaire on individual behavioural preferences, a personal Lumina portrait with a workbook is created.
Situational behaviours (24 qualities) are measured bottom-up, yielding 8 aspects in 4 color styles and 3 personas (natural, everyday and exaggerated personality levels).
By avoiding stereotypes we produce a differentiated personality portrait, which provides inspiration for personal development.
The Lumina Spark Portrait lays the foundation for individual coaching and team development and forms the basis for the portraits of Lumina Sales and Lumina Leader. The scientifically founded, validated method represents a progression of the methods of Jung / Big Five et al.

8  Aspects of Lumina
Lumina Splash Qualities english
8 Aspects and their motivation

Discipline-driven – Inspiration driven
What gets you moving?
What is your drive?
Down to Earth – Big picture thinking
How do you look at the world?
What information do you perceive?
People-focused – Outcome focused
How do you make decisions?
What do you find important?
Introverted – Extraverted
What brings you energy?
Where do you invest your energy?

24 Qualities of Lumina
The 4 Colours

Conscientious Blue

Observing. Evidence-based. Reliable.
Empowering green
Intimate. Collaborative. Empathetic.
Inspiring yellow
Sociable. Imaginative. Spontaneous.
Commanding red
Takes charge. Competitive. Purposeful.

Other applications based on Lumina Spark

Lumina Leader®
with 360° Feedback

Individual leadership portrait with
feedback questionnaire for feedback raters

  • Everyday approach to leadership development
  • 360° Feedback: Chef, colleagues and employees
  • 16 leadership qualities
  • 4 individual leadership styles
  • Compatible with existing leadership programs
Lumina Sales Portrait

Individual sales portrait for:

  • Analysis of personal sales qualities

  • Development of individual sales competencie

  • Building successful sales teams

  • Develop a company-specific sales cycle

  • Develop an efficient sales force

  • Learning to understand a wide variety of customers

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