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Shaping the future with new ideas

Good times need good ideas – Bad times need brilliant ideas
In times of power-politically driven scarcity of raw materials, energy shortages, wars, pandemics and above all climate change, we need new solutions for a safe future.


Therefore we must be unleashing creativity! We follow three paths:


• Intuitive
• Neuronal
• Cognitive

SImultaneously with a parallel strategy process which allows the implementation of experiments right from the start, a future-oriented corporate alignment succeeds


The neuronal way

Our brain can become the most creative place in the universe when we find out how to activate it:
Intuition and creativity are generated in the part of the brain that controls learned movements. Therefore, we can actively provide more energy to this brain area to increase creativity and intuition. This is done simply by activating the muscular skeletal system

We use this effect in Action Learning:

Navigating on a sailing boat, riding a horse or while skiing , during climbing or cycling – all are based on similar processes. These movements result in an energy boost in the part of the brain that controls movement and creativity.
We use this effect specifically in our OAL creativity workshops: When sailing with the Ocean Action Learning method or on the back of horses in outdoor action learning camps, we develop amazing results in no time, demonstrating that the neuronal way can be very efficient.

The intuitive path of the unconscious
Few realize how much their unconscious manages.
At the subconscious level, our brain controls between
60% and 95% of our everyday lives in an efficient,
fast and energy-saving way.

Learned and unconscious processes such as driving are done automatically without thinking, while at the same time we are thinking and problem solving. .

Using methods of unconscious mind and sensor control

All of us, with a little practice, are able to unfold, enlarge and actively use our unconscious potential:

We use the deep relaxation in Autogenic Training or Yoga to bring our brainwaves to alpha levels. We can gain access to the unconscious to actively re-program ourselves.
The Mind Lab of the Silva Mind Control Method is also set up at the alpha level. With this method, we create a pleasing place such as a library or a conference room. In this wonderful, inspiring place, we can retreat and quickly and intuitively find solutions to complex problems.
With Dream Travel, Stone Walking, Talking to Trees or Sheldrake‘s morphological fields we use further, scientifically explored approaches to the creativity of the unconscious.

We have achieved amazing results with these methods in personal development and in group processes.
The cognitive-rational line

The Purpose ANALYSIS points the way to product innovations and new target markets.
Innovative products like Teflon, the bicycle gear shift, the Walk-man, or the MOIA collective taxi: all have emerged from the purpose analysis. Having a purpose for an organization creates focus and possibilities.


• More than 30 years ago, as environmentalists, we demanded that the automotive manufacturers recognize their role as service providers to individual passengers and the opportunity to become a sustainable business rather than focusing on 4-wheel-drive fossil-fuel vehicles.     
Only today after world-shaking crises of the car industry they are making progress: In Hamburg and Hanover, VW has started the ridesharing service MOIA with its luxurious electric buses. This idea came from the purpose of Individual and climate-friendly mobility service.

• 35 years ago the Japanese company Shimano, as the leading manufacturer of fishing drums, came up with the concept of a purpose analysis (= gearing and braking rotating motion) and the idea of building gear shifts for bicycles and today is the world market leader.

Purpose can also be translated with meaning in this context. The central question here is: „What can we do with our abilities even more meaningful?“
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